Build instructions for the Norwegian spell checking system

Getting the source

A source tarball is available from alioth, and the latest development version is available from CVS. See the Alioth project page for download instructions.

Build dependencies

The build is using binaries from ispell to generate the list of base words with affixes based on a list of words and frequency information. This is the source for the other spell checking systems. To speed up this build, ssed is used instead of the slow GNU sed.

To generate aspell and myspell files, one first need ispell and then aspell or myspell.

Other packages you need to build this package is: dev-myspell thescoder

Building and installing the ispell/aspell/myspell data files

There are four useful 'top level' makefile targets; words, ispell, myspell and aspell. Each of these have install targets as well; install-words, install-ispell, install-myspell and install-aspell. In addition there are install targets for the scripts (install-scripts) and documentation (install-doc). The DESTDIR variable is supposed for convenience. All of the build and install targets can be called with nb and nn variants, for example install-ispell-nb to only install the nb version.

So, to build and install the myspell dictionary, this is the command:

make install-myspell DESTDIR=/some/path

Making a new release, building the tarball and distribution files

The tarball is generated using the dist makefile target. It is best to use the distcheck target instead to do a test build of the generated tarball to check if all the required files are included.

make distclean distcheck

This target will also generate a package for ( as well as the spell-norwegian-version.tar.gz tarball.

It might be a good idea to fetch the latest thesaurus file before making the tarball and zip files. This is done using the thesaurus-nb.txt-update target. There is no equivalent nn target yet.

make thesaurus-nb.txt-update
When the files are tested and found to be working, the CVS tree used to build the distribution should be tagged to document which version of the files were used to make the release. This is done by using cvs tag version-tag in the src/spell-norwegian/ directory. Use cvs status -v Makefile to see the name structure of the used tags.
cvs tag release_version_with_underline

Old instructions

Short information for building the word list with cvs checkout.

Steps for building wordlists.

Download ispell.3.2.06
Untar ispell package
Patch with ispell patch from cvs
copy files for cvs into languages/norsk folder inside ispell folder.
build ispell. (ispell is a bit tricky to build some times, check out the Readme file included in the ispell-tarball)
go to languages/norsk folder
make -f myspell-dist
make -f aspell-dist
the aspell tar.bz2 files are aspell wordlists
and myspell files are there.

To make the ispell files type

make all

this will make the nynorsk.hash and bokmal.hash ispell files.